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90 Police Association heroes teammates were criminals choppe

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"90" Police Association heroes teammates were criminals chopped more than 40 sewing needle (Figure) "Brother you have to shore up, or I'm sorry for you!" When holding a bloodied Lee Mengqi toward an ambulance, he had identified in the heart
"90" Police Association heroes teammates were criminals chopped more than 40 sewing needle (Figure)
"Brother you have to shore up, or I'm sorry for you!" When holding a bloodied Lee Mengqi toward an ambulance, he had identified in the heart of the life or death of the brother. 27 evening, when police in Zoucheng City Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade Association executive Lee arrests along with his teammates, to protect his teammates Mengqi, criminals are armed with a chopper chopped back, more than 40 sewing needles. 29, recalled the scene that night, Lee said:. "Police is a just cause, we need to come forward in the most critical moments," "Down in the fly cut down all of the" 27 evening, Zou City Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade Mopai after preliminary visits, decided to pay the village center Zhen long-term drug use, trouble Mengmou implementation of the arrest. 9 o'clock that night, 13 police arrived to arrest Mengjiaduan surrounding opportunistic. After knocking on the door, police found the east wall stood a ladder, Mengmou probably fled to Eastern Hospital next door. Police Association Mengqi ladder immediately turn to Eastern Hospital. At this time, the suspect Mengmou waving a kitchen knife to cut up Mengqi, such as homeopathy after Mengqi escaped several times, Mengmou mother suddenly he shoved a push, hit on a large iron gate, Mengqi waist severe pain and knee. Eyes are less than one meter away from the criminals themselves behind a large iron gate, "the knife is not noodles to go anyway." Mengqi said at the time Mengmou Gang taking over drugs grim. At this point, Lee Police Association is looking for the right side door hit Mengmou tools, seeing the chopper would fall into the hands of Mengmou Mengqi head, Lee instantly rushed from the front and hugged tightly Mengmou. "Did not react, if they had twice on Kandao Lee who are flying down jacket inside out." Mengqi recalled after being chopped Lee still cling to the suspect, grabbed his hand and tried to chopper. Hou Xiang Pu subsequent police arrived, the door to see Lee Mengmou pressure in the body, a pool of blood has been shed on the ground. After everyone together will Mengmou uniforms, Lee got up, but did not take two steps, then weakened and fell to the ground. "Can run, but he did not," 29 am, the Yanzhou Mining Group General Hospital ward, Lee Mengqi turn photos on the bed when dressing, carried away tears. "Lee can run, but he did not, either because of me, he would not suffer it twice ......" Mengqi Lee looked next to the bed, choked several times speechless. Lee hurt twice because of the latissimus dorsi, and the knife deeper, more than 40 internal and external suture needle. Lee not want to mention the pain, but has been comforted others do not worry about him. "Knife fell upon Lee moment, my mind is completely blank the holding him on the bus, I repeatedly said only one sentence: '! Brothers, you have to shore up, or I'm sorry for you,'" said Mengqi , in the car, Lee also advised him "nothing, rest assured." It was at that time, found in the heart of this Mengqi brothers Damon and Pythias. Mengqi said that in the process of negotiating with the suspect, the suspect did not say a word, just shouted "ah ah ah", telling anyone to be brandished a knife and cut. "Lee blocked it for me twice, real saved my life." Zhen in Zoucheng City Center in the village to pay Mengmou home, new furniture, red hi word yet dispersed festivity, then Over two weeks, Mengmou would usher their baby, but now he can only regret in the prison. At present, the suspect on suspicion of drug Mengmou, trouble is the law under criminal detention. "Her son, but more proud of him," Lee, 22 years old, enrolled in Shandong Judicial Police Vocational College, in August this year in Zoucheng City Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade into practice. This is the second arrests Lee involvement. "My son grew sensible and well-behaved, never been in trouble to the family, and the people did not fight, I even feel a little girl of his personality." Said 50-year-old 李汝强, heard that his son injured his reaction the first time is "not believe it." "Children wounds more than 40 sewing needles, pain can not eat, Dangdie heart really was not the taste." 李汝强 said that in addition distressed, he is more proud of the children, but also hopes that he can learn the system well trained , take part in the actual operations in the future, courageous and prudent to do a good cop. Because the wound pain, Lee did not say many words, but he said firmly, wounded it, he will never regret it. "The police is the cause of justice, we need to come forward in the most critical moments." Lee said, but he saw himself in times of crisis burst of powerful energy. (Text / piece Heineken International reporter Huang Guanghua correspondent Zhaoxiu Ting Ling Ru Peng) html模版“90后”协警舍身救队友遭歹徒砍伤 缝40多针(图)
“兄弟你得撑住,不然我对不起你!”当孟琪抱着浑身是血的李政奔向急救车时,他已在心里认定了这个生死之交的兄弟。  27日晚,邹城市公安局刑警大队协警李政与队友一起执行抓捕行动时,为保护队友孟琪,被手持菜刀的歹徒砍伤背部,缝了40多针。29日,回忆起当晚的一幕,李政说:“警察就是一项正义的事业,就需要在最关键的时刻挺身而出。”  “羽绒服里的羽绒都被砍飞了”  27日晚,邹城市公安局刑警大队经过前期摸排走访后,决定对中心店镇中付村长期吸毒、寻衅滋事的孟某实施抓捕。当晚9点多,13名警力抵达孟家周边伺机抓捕。  敲开大门后,民警发现东墙上立着一架梯子,孟某很可能逃到了隔壁东院。协警孟琪立即爬梯翻到东院。就在此时,嫌疑人孟某挥舞菜刀向孟琪砍过来,等孟琪顺势躲过几刀后,孟某的母亲突然将他猛一推,撞在一扇大铁门上,孟琪腰部与膝盖剧烈疼痛。  眼前是距自己不足1米的歹徒,身后是大铁门,“这一刀横竖是躲不过去了。”孟琪说,当时孟某刚吸食过毒品,面目狰狞。  此时,协警李政正在大门右侧寻找可以击打孟某的工具,眼看着孟某手中的菜刀就要落到孟琪的头上,李政瞬间冲上去,从正面死死抱住了孟某。“还没反应过来,横竖两刀就砍到了李政身上,羽绒服里的羽绒都飞出来了。”孟琪回忆说,李政被砍伤后依然死死抱住嫌疑人,试图抢下他手中的菜刀。  民警侯祥浦随后赶到,进门就看到李政将孟某压在身下,地上已流了一摊血。大家合力将孟某制服后,李政才起身,但没走两步,就因体力不支倒在了地上。  “完全可以跑,但他没有”  29日上午,兖矿集团总医院病房内,病床上的孟琪翻到李政换药时的照片,别过头泣不成声。“李政完全可以跑,可他没有,要不是因为我,他不会挨这两刀……”孟琪望着隔壁床上的李政,几度哽咽说不出话。  因两刀伤及李政的背阔肌,且刀口较深,内外缝合了40多针。李政不愿提及伤痛,反而一直安慰别人不要为他担心。  “刀落在李政身上的一瞬间,我大脑完全空白了。抱着他上车时,我反反复复只说一句话:‘兄弟你得撑住,不然我对不起你!’”孟琪说,在车上,李政还劝他“没事,放心”。也就在那时,孟琪在心里认定了这个生死之交的兄弟。  孟琪说,在与嫌疑人交手的过程中,嫌疑人没有说过一句话,只是大声喊着“啊啊啊”,见人就要挥刀砍。“李政为我挡了这两刀,实实在在救了我一命。”  而在邹城市中心店镇中付村孟某的家中,崭新的家具、大红的喜字还未散去喜气,再过半个月,孟某就要迎来自己的宝宝,但现在,他只能在牢狱中后悔了。  目前,嫌疑人孟某因涉嫌吸毒、寻衅滋事被依法刑事拘留。  “心疼儿子,但更为他骄傲”  李政今年22岁,就读于山东司法警官职业学院,今年8月进入邹城市公安局刑警大队实习。这是李政参与的第二次抓捕行动。  “儿子从小乖巧懂事,从没给家里惹过麻烦,没和人打过架,我甚至感觉他有点女孩子的性格。”50岁的李汝强说,听说儿子受伤后,他第一时间的反应是“不敢相信”。  “孩子的伤口缝了40多针,疼得不能吃饭,当爹的心里真不是滋味。”李汝强说,除了心疼,他更多的是为孩子感到骄傲,也希望儿子能好好接受系统的训练学习,多参加实际行动,今后做一名有勇有谋的好警察。  因为伤口剧烈疼痛,李政没有说很多话,但他很坚决地表示,受伤这件事,他永不后悔。“警察就是正义的事业,就需要在最关键的时刻挺身而出。”李政说,他反而看到了自己在危急时刻爆发出的强大能量。(文/片 喜力国际 记者 黄广华 孔令茹 通讯员 赵修婷 张鹏)(责任编辑:admin)